The New Beginner's guide to DC TRAINING

Links compiled from intensemuscle by Elroy and jstout


I have compiled these links to help others (who are new to DC Training) to be able to hopefully find most of the basics on their own with this help.

As well, do not underestimate the importance of actually reading through these threads, they will save you time and headaches, as well as helping keep the boards free of unneeded clutter.

DC training is for expirienced lifters, 2-3 years of serious lifting. With the intensity and frequency, you need to know your body, and the iron.
you definitely need this...

Also, you will need a gym membership. Unless you have a Pro level home gym, you will not have enough exercises to chose from and will either plateau quickly, or severely injure yourself.

The first mandatory reading should be all of the stickies located as the top threads, labled "Sticky".

In order of importance, you should start with:

Board Rules.. and yes you need to read this. We are a community that has integrity and has many educated and helpful people. This is not daycare, let's keep it positive.

DC training newbies, Ron Harris interviewing Dante and Dante explaining the basics of DC training

Extreme stretching
The actual photo's are posted around pages 4-6

The next thing to remember is that though you may not be new to training, you are new to DC. This is a very intense and taxing regimen. Before you start tryin to tweak the program, you need to follow it first.
So your next stickies should be

DC Trainee gallery

If you are an expirienced lifter, you may have some shoulder injuries or mobility issues, this will help most people.

For True Protein, a very economical place to get all of your bodybuilding "staples", as well as custom protien blends, etc. Also, look for discount codes from various members "signatures"

New, aside from "staples", other supplement reccomendations

crusing info


shut up and get it done

2 way split advice

Rep speed

Additional back exercises

Realities of diet

info on "beating the log"

save some money on food

statics and negatives

back sets

goals of training

problems w/home gyms

kinesiology and exercise example/mechanics site

check out pg 3

This should be enough to get newest of newbies started. If you have questions after this, look in the journals section for many routines, etc., and don't forget the search option


This is kind of a "best of the DC forum/best of Intense Muscle" post (as I see it). Some of this stuff may not pertain to DC training exactly, but instead to training/nutrition in general. Feel free to add your own favorite threads from your personal collections. Hope this doesn't ruffle feathers, let me know if it does.


Lifters over 34 read this

Dante on being a well-rounded, caring individual outside of the gym

Dante on getting the basics down before moving up to an advanced program like DC (and giving advice on it)

Dante on the importance of genetics and the limitations they can place on you

Dante on why his program works and why some people can't be convinced

Dante on upward progression + time = results

Dante on standout and weak bodyparts and what genetics will allow you to do with them.

A compliation of DC quotes

Trulyhuge on building a big-ass back

Dante on his supplement use

Trulyhuge on the importance of constantly learning

Massive G on DC and low-carb diets

Dante on the dangers of the flat barbell bench press

Dante on not being an idiot and using some common sense with the stretches

A DC Excel spreadsheet by ddubb9965

Dante with some talk on how to improve a weak bodypart (and why there's not a DC training "certification course")

Iabadman on not missing out on the big picture while obsessing over your goals

Iabadman on the spiritual side of bodybuilding

Heavy Hitter with a previous Dante post about the nutritional decisions you need to make if you wanna make it to the next level

Dante on how you don't have to get fat to grow using DC, however

Dante on a method for training calves using a treadmill

Super D on how the two-way split can also be used by advanced bodybuilders

Iabadman on the comeback trail after illness

In-human quote thread by Future

Dusty Hanshaw stars in Project Superheavyweight (and some talk about widowmakers)

Members' lessons learned from DC training

Dante suggests a chest exercise

Bigp3 with suggestions for endomorphs looking to bulk without gaining too much fat

SuperD on how newbies to DC need to start with the two-way split

Dante and company pick Skip's brain for pre-contest advice

Massive G suggests a unique biceps exercise

Massive G on the benefits of Vitamin D

Bruno shows a outside-the-box shoulder exercise recommended by Homonunculus and seconded by Trulyhuge

Betito puts up a link to an article on another board about training and eating philosophies by Kelly Baggett

A video by Shelby Starnes (Copa) demonstrating a good shoulder stretch

Dante with some talk and good links about rear delt development

A video by Shelby Starnes (Copa) demonstrating a triceps stretch.

Dante with some talk about eating big to get big

A thread with some great info about green tea

Lots of great (very old - possibly a bit outdated) stuff from Dante

Dieting talk with some good information by Mangoat

Dante and Justin Harris have some fun with a video camera (and show a good chest exercise)

KidRok with a good post about how your recovery abilities can change and you have to adapt

Massive G on why the protein gets eaten first

Trulyhuge provides some links to some posts about DC and contest prep