Muscle Gain Truth: The Basics of Doggcrapp AKA DC Training

Welcome. This is an UNOFFICIAL guide to the basics of the advanced
bodybuilding routine known as DC Training, created by Doggcrapp
AKA Dante Trudel.

DC training is for ADVANCED LIFTERS ONLY. You should have at least 3 years of hard, heavy lifting experience before you attempt this routine, and you should have tried, and had success with, other bodybuilding and/or powerbuilding routines.

Before you attempt this routine, you should have already built a good foundation, stemming from years of good, heavy training. You should be able to perform ALL of the major lifts with correct form. You should be able to maintain that form, even under very intense lifting stress.

You should have your bodyfat percentage down to a reasonable level. If you need to drop bodyfat, consider something like P90x or Insanity, or if you know how to lose bodyfat and can put together a fat loss routine yourself, use it.

And you should have a membership to a gym that has a wide variety of both free weights and useful machines.

Most importantly, you shouldn't be a "routine jumper". Do you have the discipline to stick with one weightlifting routine for the long term? The answer should be "yes".
Be honest with yourself. Are you an advanced lifter? If you are not, there are many great beginner's lifting routines that will get you big, strong, and help you practice lifting with correct form. DC Training is for the advanced lifter who wants to take it to the next level.

Consider buying Jason Wojo's DC Training DVD if you want to watch lifting with good form. Or simply find reliable, professional lifters on Youtube.

Something else you will need as well: a logbook. Beating the logbook is the cornerstone of DC Training. A logbook is simply a notebook that you use to track your workouts, track your poundages and reps with each workout, so that you can track your progress and know when a lift is working for you, and if you can't progress on a lift, you can switch it out for another lift that works the same muscle group.

And very importantly, don't try to tweak DC Training. Do DC Training as it's written, trust the logbook, and trust the routine, and you'll gain more muscle than you thought you'd be able to gain after hitting past plateaus.
Build muscle up with DC Training:

Chapter 0: READ THIS FIRST: Dante answers questions about DC Training from Ron Harris

Chapter 1: Dogg Pound Training

Chapter 2: Cycles For Pennies Continues

Chapter 3: Suggested exercises for DC

Chapter 4: Extreme Stretching

Chapter 4.5: This is why to "DC Stretch" (Extreme Stretching)

Chapter 5: Random Thoughts by Dogg

Appendix A: Unofficial exercise rep ranges and summary of DC training

Squat standards chart
Deadlift standards chart
Bench Press standards chart

By these charts, you should be "advanced" before you consider using Doggcrapp training.

Dante also runs the supplement company True Protein.