Be honest with yourself. Are you an advanced lifter? If you are not, there are many great beginner's lifting routines that will get you big, strong, and help you practice lifting with correct form. DC Training is for the advanced lifter who wants to take it to the next level.

Consider buying Jason Wojo's DC Training DVD if you want to watch lifting with good form. Or simply find reliable, professional lifters on Youtube.

Something else you will need as well: a logbook. Beating the logbook is the cornerstone of DC Training. A logbook is simply a notebook that you use to track your workouts, track your poundages and reps with each workout, so that you can track your progress and know when a lift is working for you, and if you can't progress on a lift, you can switch it out for another lift that works the same muscle group.

And very importantly, don't try to tweak DC Training. Do DC Training as it's written, trust the logbook, and trust the routine, and you'll gain more muscle than you thought you'd be able to gain after hitting past plateaus.